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"We love your paintings in our den!  Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for the brightness you and your art have brought into our lives!" - NJC and SC  (Washington, USA)


"A centrifugal energy whips the superficial objects in her work which are sealed in algid, chromatic color. Sabrina is a singular personality who digs beyond what is seen in a challenge to recover some poetic quality either lost or overlooked. The colors are at the center of her expression; it excites the life force of the segments with reality that re-adapts docilely with the power of a secure technique.

Sabrina, a young Californian, travels around the world for her vocation and for culture. She already has the extraordinary maturity gained from her University studies, art history, her time at the Accademia di Belli Arti, and happy experiences with Florentine and Parisian museums. She also merits recognition for her exhibits which are preludes to a successful future." -Dr. Giovanna Giusti (Former director of 19th century and contemporary art at the Uffizi Muesum.) Florence, Italy.

"Sabrina Abbott describes herself as a "perceptionist". Sabrina comments "My work is an attempt to catch the essence and energy of objects", objects extrapolated from the mass of garbage and from the various forms in a rubbish dump. She transforms these realities into pictoral forms that seem to recall some elements of the "spacialism" of Fontana. She  tries to give birth to a new, imaginative, artistic truth. In this work Abbott is generating an original synthesis between Metaphysical and the last Futurists, reconceptualised in a post - modern spirit." -Marsha Steinburg. Florence, Italy. 2008

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