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By Sabrina Abbott

We live in a connected world where we are inundated with global crises.  In my work I try to open a hopeful dialogue for the future, as well as an acknowledgement and appreciation for present and past experiences  in a technique I call “Perceptionism,” or Perceptionist Art.


Use of the Old Masters technique imparts importance and prestige to each item I portray. Disregarded remnants of our consumerist culture reflect the seemingly small decisions, or groups of people, that build, like the layers of glaze, to an impactful statement. The cropped portrayal, which implies the limitless or unknown bounds of the subject, coupled with the suggestive titles and subliminal imagery, leads the viewer to ponder the hidden stories and impact of these ignored fragments and introspect about their own relationships with the environment, consumerist culture, one another and themselves. Vibrant colors reinforce the strength and power of the overlooked.

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